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Seachtain na Gaeilge – Ceol traidisiúnta

Táimid ag céiliúradh Seachtain na Gaeilge i scoil Naomh Mhologa an tseachtain seo.
Dé Luain tháinig beirt chailín isteach agus sheinn siad ceol deas traidisiúnta dúinn ar uirlislí difriúla: an giotár, an fhidil, an fheadóg stáin agus an bodhrán. Bhí an ceol go hálainn agus bhaineamar go léir an-taitneamh as! Seo cúpla griangrafanna a thugamar.

Na páistí ag éisteacht go géar.
Andrea agus Sharon ag seinm ceoil

Visit from Peter Gunning- Author of Reaching the Heights

Last Wednesday, Peter Gunning visited the school to speak to the 6th class students. Peter is the author of the novel Reaching the Heights, a novel which all of the 6th classes have enjoyed reading this year. Peter Gunning spoke to the children about the writing process, the inspiration for his characters and his thoughts about Reaching the Heights and the other novels he has written (including Stanley!).

Peter also read an extract from the book and used a wonderful Cork accent to add to his dramatic reading! The children asked some very insightful questions and really enjoyed the visit. Thanks to Ms. Murphy for contact Peter to organise the talk.


Primary Science Fair

Ms Walsh’s fourth class took part in the Primary Science Fair at the RDS on Saturday, 13th January.

The RDS Primary Science Fair showcases STEM investigations (science, technology, engineering and maths) undertaken by 4th-6th class children. With a core focus on children’s skills development, it brings together teachers, parents and students to showcase class projects, share experiences and learn from each other. The primary science Fair takes place alongside the BT Young Scientist Exhibition.

The fourth class pupils, teachers and parents had a great day at the fair. The children had studied how cranes work and  built a number of model cranes from recyclable materials. Thank you to Fergal, Jodie’s grandad for building us a crane from wood.

The pupils impressed the judges with their knowledge and enthusiasm about cranes and they also taught the  judges some Gaeilge!

During the day in the RDS the children had an opportunity to experience some presentations and films on STEM related subjects. They visited a number of exhibitions and really enjoyed the experience.

Well done to all and a big thank you to Ms Walsh and Ms 0′ Brien for facilitating this work with the children. .


Visit of the Sam Maguire and Brendan Martin cups

Pupils in St. Molaga’s school were thrilled to get a chance to view the Sam Maguire and Brendan Martin cups recently when members of the winning Dublin Gaelic Football Men’s and Ladies’ teams brought the coveted silverware to the school. On both occasions, children impressed the team members by their excellent questions during Q&A sessions in the hall. Team members were accompanied by Larissa Muldoon from our local GAA club and indeed both team players emphasised how much they had been influenced to take up Gaelic football when it was introduced to them in school by representatives from their local clubs. Indeed perhaps some of the pupils present in our school hall will be bringing back the cups as team members themselves in the future!

5th Class Visit to Balbriggan Community College

The 5th class children from St Molaga’s were invited to visit Balbriggan Community College. The children were split into different coloured groups on arrival. They then, with their group leader, visited the art room to make gory cuts out of paint, glue and plaster, the tech room to look at robots, the science lab to make fire and dissect a lambs heart and finally to their new amazing gymnasium to jump the high jump and climb the climbing wall.

The children got a real flavour of what secondary school in Balbriggan Community College will be like if they chose to go there.


National Gallery & Natural History Museum Trip April 2017

Everyone in 5th Class was lucky enough to visit the National Gallery on Clare St. and the Natural History Museum on Merrion Square. The tour in the Gallery was terrific, especially considering how busy the Gallery was.

We had a terrific time in the Natural History Museum and saw lots of amazing Irish and international, especially the Hoopoe bird that was found here in Balbriggan in  1903

Our Guide Sarah was  terrific!

Kate was fantastic too!


The sculpture Gallery was cool,Hercules was on legendary demigod!!!! But Teacher struggles taking pictures in mixed light settings.

The Ladies

The Gentlemen

The Gang

and introducing Mr. Picasso

Sam comes to St Molaga’s!

On Monday the 23rd of January 2017 Ciarán Kilkenny came into our school with the Sam Maguire. The Sam Maguire is named after Sam Maguire who was born in Cork on the 12 of March 1877 and died in 1927 at the age of 49.He was a famous Republican and GAA player.He was one of Michael Collins’s right hand men.He died of TB.They say he died broken hearted + penniless and was buried in Dunmanway. The cup was designed + presented to the GAA in 1928 after his death. It cost £300 (which would be e26,393 now). We all crowded around Ciarán Kilkenny and the Sam Maguire after small break. Ms.Costello went around with a microphone and some people asked him questions like: How did he feel when they drew against Mayo? and Who was the toughest player he played against. A girl from 3rd class asked him to sign her jersey, and he did. Then he said, because Ms Costello was from Mayo, if we all said “Up the Dubs” on the count of 3, we would get a night off homework. So he counted to 3 and we all shouted ” up the Dubs” really loudly, and we have no homework tonight! Hurrah!


Garda horses

On Friday the 13th of January the Garda Horses came into our school. One was called Donnagh and the other was called Oscar. Donnagh is 14 and Oscar is 8. They were adorable. Donnagh’s coat was a chestnut colour and Oscar had a grey coat. They were adorable! They are Shire types of horses. The horses came because Kevin Dowling won the Christmas Card competition.
We got to rub them and the lady told us facts about them. At the end, we got pictures with them and..
Oscar was POSING !!!!!!!
Wiki, Ella & Leah.


Sam Maguire

Sam Maguire paid a visit to the school today.

Thanks to Barry our G.A.A. coach and Ciaran Kilkenny for bringing it in.

Below are some photos



Goal Visit



Goal !
Goal came into our school to talk to us about what they do which is, they go to different countries that have trouble with natural disasters. The natural disasters they help with are Earthquakes, Wars and tsunami’s.
They also take care of medical diseases. They helped Africa fight Ebola by setting up tents and getting nurses to work in them so it could be an Ebola hospital because, if they got treated in the ordinary hospital and they were lying in a bed beside somebody with a broken leg they would give them Ebola.
They help countries by keeping them educated and healthy. They also try make them not starve because they could get too skinny and that is dangerous , so they measure their arms with a bracelet.
Thank you Goal for helping people around the world and for coming into our school.

By Sophie and Shauna !!!